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Chapter 1

Chapter One Textbook Notes

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

Chapter One - HRM is the management of HR to achieve a company’s main objectives - firms gain a competitive advantage through their core competencies; a sustained competitive advantage through people requires: o value o rare o difficult to imitate o organized for synergy - impact of HR Practices includes cost savings and more productive employees - Challenges facing firms: 1. Going global i. CSR: acting in best interest of community ii. opening up foreign markets to international trade = lower tariff barriers iii. impact on HRM: identifying capable managers, properly compensating overses workers 2. Embracing new technology i. knowledge workers: tasks go past basics of work and include planning, decision making, and problem solving ii. influence of technology on HRM: i. HRIS: human resources information system; computerized system that provides current and accurate data. Benefits: lower costs, easier communication, large amount of information can be stored. relational impact, operational impact, transformational impact (ROT) 3. Managing Change i. reactive and proactive change ii. change management helps keep employees focused on the success of the business iii. changing efforts fail because: leaders don’t have a vision or don’t communicate the vision, sense of urgency is not established, not removing the obstacles to victory, etc 4. Managing Talent, or Human Capital i. human capital is the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals who have an economic important to the organization (through long term experience, development)
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