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Chapter 5

Chapter Five Textbook Notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

Chapter Five Recruiting Talent Externally (advantage: ability to find specialized skills & new ideas and methods) o a tight labour market = very low available workers and high employment o a loose labour market = very many available workers and low employment - Factors that determine the relevant labour market: skills required for the job, compensation, ease of commute, location of job, etc - Outside sources for recruitment: o advertisements (websites, newspapers, tv, radio); attracts many unqualified candidates which becomes a burden for HR o internet recruiting: most commonly used search tactic by job seekers and recruiters o employee referrals: word of mouth recommendations are the way most job positions are filled  negatives: possibility of systemic discrimination (employer may intentionally/unintentionally employ people of similar backgrounds because employees and their referrals tend to have similar backgrounds o executive search firms: help employers find the right person for a job o educational institutions: young applicants with formal training but relatively little full-time work experience; employers fail to take full advantage of this b/c of poor recruitment programs  high schools have employees for clerical or blue collar jobs  community colleges can provide candidates for technical jobs and white collar jobs (sales field)  colleges and universities are a primary source o private employment agencies: differ in the services they offer, their professionalism, and the caliber of their counselors o temporary help agencies - Improving the effectiveness of external recruitment o managers can do several things to maximize the probability of success;  calculating yield ratios on recruiting sources: helps indicate which recruitment sources are the most effective at producing qualified job candidates (total #/# of successes)
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