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Chapter 1

lecture note for HR chapter 1 and halfway to 6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Shelley Millman

ADMS 2600 Check the course websitethThe book 6 edition millmanyorkuca chapter 16 under slidesHuman resources management40midterm chapter 16 multiple choice and short answer and 60 final examchapter 714Read the deloitte articlestrategist and Steward the evolving role of the cheif human resourcesCHRO Chapter 1 Human resources Management y Competitive advantage belongs to the company that knows how to attract and select and utilize their peopley The people are the most important assetsy The HR course is the foundation of the other business coursesyThe goal of HR is that it should be strategic player and to be the part to the board room meeting Also understanding the companys plan Steward manages the day to day The HRChapter One the world of human management y Human resources process of managing human resourceshuman capital and intellectual assets to achieve an organizations objective y Why study HRM because it staffs the organization it designs the jobs and teams it also develop skilful employeesPage 6 chapter 1 Look at the chart on top of page 6 Competitive challenges y Globalization the trend towards opening up foreign markets to international trade and investmentImpacts of globalization lower trade and tariff barriers partnerships with foreign firmsy Technology the workers whose responsibilities extends beyond the physical execution of work to include planning decision making and problem solvingFor example just in time learning y Managing change there are two types of change a reactive change change that occurs after external forces have already affected performance B Proactive change change initiated to take advantage of targeted opportunities Managing change through HR formal change management programs help to keep employees look at the PowerPointy Human capital The knowledge skills and capabilities of individual that have economic value to an organization Valuable because capital is based on company specific skills is gained through longterm experience can be expanded through development Human capital is all aboutcreation of knowledge utilization of knowledge application of knowledge y ResponsivenesssTotal quality management TQMa set of principles and practices whose coreideas include understanding customer needs doing things right the first time and striving for continuous improvement Six sigma a process used to translate customer needs into a set of optimal tasks that are performed in concert with one another reengineering and HRM fundamental rethinking ad radical design of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in costs quality service and speedy Cost containment Downsizingthe planned elimination of jobshead count The influence of technology on HRMHuman resourcesy Planning y Recruitmentwho you needand what skills you need from themy Staffing y Job design y Training development y Appraisal y Communication y Compensation y Benefits y Labour relations Employee Concerns y Background diversity y Age distribution y Gender issues
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