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Chapter 8

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Shelley Millman

Jagjeet Dhawan ADMS 2600Human Resource Management 040312Chapter 8Developing Effectiveness in Human Resources Performance Appraisal Programs Performance appraisal a process typically performed annually by a supervisor for a subordinate designed to help employees understand their roles objectives expectations and performance success New employees are put on probationary status for a period of time and evaluated 30 60 or 90 days after being hiredPerformance management process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities However a growing number of observers point out that performance appraisals frequently fall short of their potentialSome said that performance appraisal may discourage teamwork because it frequently focuses on individual achievement that produces a selffocus rather than a team focus Others say that appraisals are useful only at the extremes for highly effective or ineffective employees and are not as useful for the majority of employees in the middle Others still point out that appraisal often focuses on shortterm achievements rather than longterm improvement and learning Appraisals can sometime be too subjective or inconsistent or autocratic in that they create a distance between managers and employees rather than creating a team environmentThe purpose of performance appraisalPerformance appraisal can serve many purposes that benefit both the organization and the employee whose performance is being appraised Two common types of performance appraisals are administrative and developmentalAdministrative appraisalAppraisal programs provide input that can be used for the entire range of HRM activities For example research has shown that performance appraisals are used most widely as a basis for compensation decisions
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