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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 notes

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 4Job Analysis Employee Involvement and Flexible Work SchedulesOrganizations are reengineering themselves to become more effectiveRelationship of Job Requirements and HRM FunctionsJoba group of related activities and dutiesPositionthe different duties and responsibilitiesperformed by only one employeeJob familya group of individual jobs with similar characteristicsRecruitmentJob specificationa statement of the needed knowledge skills and abilities of the person who is to perform the jobJob specifications serve an essential role in the recruiting functionTypically they are contained in the notices of job openingsAttract qualified applicants and discourage unqualified onesSelectionJob descriptiona statement of the tasks duties and responsibilities of a job to be performedJob specifications used to be the basis for selection sometimes bore little relation to the duties to be performed under the job description but some discriminated against members of certain designated groupsAn organization must be careful to make sure that mangers with job openings do not hire employees on the basis of individualized job requirements that satisfy personal whims but bear little relation to successful job performance Training and DevelopmentTraining needs are shown through the discrepancies between a jobholders knowledge skills and abilities and the requirements of the jobPerformance AppraisalThe results of performance appraisal may reveal that certain requirements establishments for a job are not completely validIf the criteria used to evaluate employee performance are vaguenot jobrelated employers find themselves being charged with unfair discriminationCompensation Management
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