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Chapter 3


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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

ADMS2610 Session 1 Chapter 3 (pg. 49-50, 52-55) Administrative Law Administrative Law - Includes laws, rules, decisions, directives of public officials, boards, agencies, officials and commissions - Includes all levels of government - Generally set out broad policy objectives of government then delegate the enforcement of the policy to an entity that is created to administer the policy and ensure compliance with it by affected parties - The process is uniform o A statute is passed to create a board, agency or commission to supervise an activity o The statute will also set out broad policy guidelines for the regulation of the activity o These boards or commissions are referred to as administrative tribunals (agencies created by legislation to regulate activities or do specific things)  Allowed to set their own procedures and rules to carry out their public policy goals Regulatory Control of Professions and Skilled Service Providers - Professionals: usually a self governing body - Business persons or trades: legislation may designate a branch of a particular ministry of the government to handle the regulation of the individuals - Policy goals: o Certification or entry requirements o Education and training process set up o Registration or licensing process - Body has the right to revocation of licenses Board-Policy Administrative Law - Employment o Labour Relations Legislation  Regulate the relationship between labour unions, the employees they represent and employers  Provides an administrative structure to determine if a union is entitled to represent the employees of an employer o The process for the negotiation of the terms and conditions of e
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