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Chapter 8

ADMS 2610 Chapter 8: B.Law10th ppt notes Ch8

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ADMS 2610
Rudi Lof

CH 8 Nature of Consideration ➢ Seal as a Consideration ➢ Tenders  Adequacy of Consideration  Past Consideration  Quantum Meruit  Debtor Creditor Relationship  Gratuitous Promises (Estoppel)  Nature of Consideration  Consideration ➢ Something that has value in the eyes of the law, and which the promisor receives in return for a promise ➢ What a party gets in return for their promise ➢ A benefit or a detriment  Forms of Consideration  Money  Services  Promise not to do something  Relinquishment of a right  Delivery of property  Promise for a promise  Nature of Consideration  Characteristics  A form of the bargaining theory  Consideration must be something done for the promise given  General rule is “no consideration = no contract”  Gratuitous Promise  A promise not accompanied by consideration  The promisor must get something in return for the promise or the promise is merely gratuitous  Gratuitous promise is not enforceable under law  Exceptions  Gratuitous services  Must be performed with care and skill (negligence still applies – sue in tort not contract)  Negotiable Instruments  One is still liable on a check or note, and to subsequent endorsers even though no consideration exists  Exceptions  Charitable Donations  Most charitable donations are gratuitous promises  If charity can show a specific project undertaken on strength of a donor’s pledge may be enforceable promise ○ Needs to be a substantial portion ○ Not enforceable if it is not a significant donation ○ Generally difficult to enforce charitable donations without strong consideration  Seal as Consideration  Seal ➢ A formal mode of expressing the intention to be bound by a written promise or agreement ➢ A major exception to the rule of consideration ➢ The deliberate act of placing a seal on a document is intention to be bound by the agreement ➢ Contract under seal requires no consideration  Tenders  Tender ➢ Differs from the ordinary offer ➢ Merely an invitation to submit offers ➢ Firm asking for tender can reject or accept such tenders ➢ If tender is an offer, rules of revocation say it can be revoked anytime before acceptance ➢ Tender generally uses seal to render offer irrevocable; payment as money (deposit) as consideration  Adequacy of Consideration  General Rule ➢ Court not concerned about the adequacy of consideration ➢ Price or value is up to the parties not the courts ➢ Exception: if the promise was made under unusual circumstances ▪ One cannot snap up an offer ▪
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