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Chapter 2

Elements of Law - Chapter 2 - The Judicial System

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Sam Ling

Lecture 1Elements of LawADMS 2610LingPart 1Chapter 2The Judicial SystemChapter TwoOverviewStructure of the Judicial systemo Jurisdictioncourts are specialized Court procedure Administrative tribunals Judicial appointmentLegal professionStructure of Judicial SystemJurisdictiondifferent courts with different jurisdictions o Right or authority of a court to hear a mattero Authority over the parties or the property or the mattero Authority divided in different waysMonetaryup to a certain amount Geographicfederal by province or provincial area Subject matterby area of law criminal civil etcTrial or appeal courtStructureGeneral classifications o Courts of original jurisdictionCase heard for first name trial courtso Courts of appealHear appeals from trial courts Superior or higher courts Do not hear evidence Look for errors of law Types of CourtsFederal courts o Deals with federal matters under federal government jurisdictionAdmiralty patents tax trademark immigration copyrighto Structure
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