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Chapter 4

The Law of Torts - Chapter 4 - Intentional Torts

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ADMS 2610
Sam Ling

Part 2The Law of Torts ADMS 2610LingSession 4Chapter 4Intentional TortsOverviewInternational interference with reputation of person o Defamationo Libelo SlanderBusiness related torts and crimes o Slander of goods o Breach of confidence o Unfair business practicesInterference with the reputation of a personDefamation o False statements that injure a persons reputation o Libelprinted or published permanent form such as writing or a cartoonApplies to the internet todayo Slanderspoken statements or gesturesDefensesTrutho As to the statements madeAbsolute privilegeo Protects the speaker whether statements are true or false or even made maliciouslyo Limited to statements made in parliament royal commissions courtsQualified privilegeo Statements made in good faith without malicious intento Examples letters of reference o To allow free speech on matters of public importance Death of a partyo Cannot defame the dead Criminal element o Libel can be criminal if published without lawful excuse or justification exposing the person to hatred contempt or ridiculeFair comment elements
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