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adms 2610 bailment

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610

Bailment______________________________________________ Voluntary transfer of possession of personal property from the owner called Bailor to a third party called the Bailee for a certain period of time with expectation that property will be returned Can be - Benefit for Bailee – high standard of care o Borrowing a lawn mower - Benefit for Bailor – Gratuitous –– low standard of care o Parking a car in someones garage - Benefit for both – Commercial Bailment Types of Commercial Bailment 1. Storage / Warehousing o Limitation of liability clause – limits bailee’s liability to $40 o Bailee’s duty of care is to treat the bailor’s property as a skilled storekeeper would 2. Repair o Duty of care is to return the property in a good state of repair or the condition it was given o Repairs cannot exceed 10% of amount stated o Bailee has a right to a lien on goods if payment isn’t received 3. Transportation/Carriage of Goods o Common carrier  Highest standard duty of care – carriers prepared to transport any property or an owner as long as they have facilities to do and are paid for their service 
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