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Chapter 5

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3020
Etan Lasri

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Chapter 5: Gaining Power and Influence Case Analysis: River Woods Plant Manager. Page 310 Heritage Appliance company planned to establish a modern plant called River Woods replacing their old one, Edgemont. The prime objective is to make this new plant a model for all the existing plans using modern equipments, new production processes. They aim to reduce processing and employees requirements costs. To achieve these objectives, the assigned manager has to overcome challenges such as the implementation of modern plant characteristics, the upgrading of the staff’s skills as well as the dissatisfaction of certain employees because of the new tasks assigned to them. The new plant manager has to: • acquire and use power to influence subordinates, top management team, customers, and suppliers • select appropriate strategies to use the power to influence others do their tasks and ultimately get his or her job done • implement assertive answers to neutralize the influence and attempts of employees, suppliers, and customers • gain more authority through the connections of top management team • transfer power into
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