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Chapter 2

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3220
Pilar Ford

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Chapter 2The Science of Consumer Behavior There are known reliable patterns that comprise consumer behavior including The phases consumers go through when making a purchase The different kinds of purchases that consumers make How consumers senselearn become motivated form attitudes and make decisions The demographic factors that influence consumers The Purchase Process Who Utilizes the Purchase Process BusinesstoConsumer B2C and BusinesstoBusiness B2B both utilize the buying process Consumer buying involves people buying for themselves or their households A business customer is an agent buying something on behalf of an organization eg administrative assistants operations department etc Three Types of Consumer Purchases Convenience purchases Standard frequently consumed goods Consumers dont spend much time thinking or planning the purchase Shopping purchases Not as frequently purchased Consumers will spend time and effort prior to purchase Specialty purchases Occasional purchases often more expensive require more thought Customers put much effort into the purchase Types of Business Purchases Straight rebuy Purchase what was purchased last time with little or no thought Modified rebuy Something about the purchase is altered requiring some thought New buy Purchase something that hasnt been purchased before requiring much thought and planning
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