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Chapter 7

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3330
Douglas Kong

Chapter 7Introduction to Linear ProgrammingLearning Objectives1Obtain an overview of the kinds of problems linear programming has been used to solve2Learn how to develop linear programming models for simple problems3Be able to identify the special features of a model that make it a linear programming model4Learn how to solve two variable linear programming models by the graphical solution procedure5Understand the importance of extreme points in obtaining the optimal solution6Know the use and interpretation of slack and surplus variables7Be able to interpret the computer solution of a linear programming problem8Understand how alternative optimal solutions infeasibility and unboundedness can occur in linear programming problems9Understand the following termsproblem formulationfeasible regionconstraint functionslack variableobjective functionstandard formsolutionredundant constraintoptimal solutionextreme pointnonnegativity constraintssurplus variablemathematical modelalternative optimal solutionslinear programinfeasibilitylinear functionsunboundedfeasible solution71Chapter 7Solutions1a b and e are acceptable linear programming relationships22Bc is not acceptable because of d is not acceptable because of 3Af is not acceptable because of 1ABc d and f could not be found in a linear programming model because they have the above nonlinear terms2aB 8 4 A4 8 0 bB 8 4 A4 8 0 cB Points on line 8 are only feasible points 4 A4 8 0 72Introduction to Linear Programming3aB 09 A0 60 bB 060 A0 400 c BPoints on line are only feasible solutions 020 A0 400 4aB200 A015 73
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