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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 notes Chapter 1 notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Mark Podolsky

Unit 1 Module 1 slides notes Training is important becauseLack of trainingaccidents injury deathsAffects individual performance and organization efficiencySkill shortagesInfluences pay and job securityKey for success with technologyTrainingdevelopment is acquiring knowledge skills abilities and developing all these for future jobs and responsibilities Accounts for 2030 of improvements Performance management creating expectations and creating ways to improve performance through monitoring success shows employees whats really important ensures accountability for behaviourresults this is not a single training program like performance appraisal but a long process involving activities to improve Training benefits achieves objectives improves attitudes performancemotivation and is key for retention of qualified employees Short term skill acquisitionDevelopment is he acquisition of skills for long term purposes like future responsibilities This is to prepare for promotions and additional responsibilities Such as seminars workshops job coachingetc For organizationsIncrease strategy effectiveness and improve employee recruitmentretentionTrained employees do better work make fewer errors less supervision more positive attitudes and have lower rates of attrition6 payroll on training but 57 higher sales employees For individualsIntrinsic benefits confidenceself esteeminvolvementjob satisfactionExtrinsic benefits earnings performancejob security opportunities for society
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