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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes Review notes for Chapter 2

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Mark Podolsky

Unit 2 Module 1TD consists of external environmental organizations internal environmentHR system External forces consumer demands competition demographics economy laws suppliers technologyInternal forces strategy goals values leadership culturestructure Changes in strategy require change in recruitment selectioncompensation Impact of competition may respond by improving quality changes in other areaschanges in TDincrease in competition threatens profit TrainingDevelopment subsystemEnvironmentorganizationHR TD Individual performanceOrganizational effectiveness Module 2Training departments Large full service department with director of trainingMedium single individual responsible for trainingSmall one HR person whos a generalist and conducts all HR activitiesVery small manager is responsible for all HR Structure of TrainingDevelopment CentralizedDecentralizedDecentralized each business unit operates its own training activities Customized to organizations needs and goals Caters to diversity training is only provided when and where needed Business units have greater control over ownership and budget Best when theres a lot of diversity Centralized operates out of the organizations headquarters Main advan
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