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Chapter 4

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Ken Mc Bey

• When designing training, must consider… o Make or buy? Make your own training or buy it externally? o Training objectives – specify what trainees should be able to achieve after training is done (applying KSA) o Overall program (framework, content, methods) • W5H o SME – subject matter expert • Part of T&D incorporates incorporates learning objectives o Desired outcomes – behaviors, outputs, KSA, once person completed training they can do these o Performance standards – success, acceptable performance, speed, accuracy o Conditions of context of performance – context in which outcomes are performed (individual, team, indoor/outdoors etc) • Training Delivery o Include budget/resources for purposes of training o Select training site and preparation (seating plan, technology) o Materials o Course outline • Analysing Trainer Capability o Trainers can be internal or external o Past experience? Can they provide external references? Do they have licenses or training e
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