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Chapter 5

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3440
Ron Ophir

Chapter 5 – Developing Leadership Skills Leadership skills can be grouped into 3 categories: administrative skills, interpersonal skills, and conceptual skills. Administrative skills : competencies a leader needs to run an organization in order to carry out the organizations purposes and goals. These skills are: -Not glamorous or exciting -Help leaders to accomplish mundane but critically important aspects of showing leadership -Some argue that administrative skills are the most fundamental skills a leader can have -Involves planning, organizing work, assigning the right tasks to the right peole and coordinating work activities Administrative skills are divided into 3 specific sets of skills: 1. Managing people 2. Managing resources and 3. Showing technical competence Managing People: An effective leader connects with people and understands what needs to be done , the skills required to perform them and the environment in which people work -helping people work as a team -motivating them to do their best -promoting satisfying relationships among employees -responding to their requests -leader must pay attention to recruiting + retaining employees Managine Resources: Resources include; people, money, supplies, equipment, space, or anything else required to operate an organization - leader must obtain and allocate resources.Obtaining resources can be ordering equipment, finding a space to work, etc. - may be required to allocate resources for new staff or new incentive programs, or to replace old equipmen
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