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Chapter 4

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ADMS 3440
Ron Ophir

Notes Chapter 4 –Task –Oriented vs. Relationship Oriented Style Personal Styles: Unique Habits regarding work and play, which have been ingrained over many years and influence one’s current style. 2 kinds of personal styles: Task-Oriented Style: - Goal oriented, want to achieve - Their work is meaningful, they would like “to do lists”, calenders and daily planners. Relationship-Oriented Style: - Are not as goal directed - Finds meaning in being rather than doing - Want to connect and orient with people rather than completing tasks - Like to celebrate relationships and the pleasures relationships bring - Find meaning in the moment reahter than in some future objective to be accomplished - They like being connected Leadership Styles: Task-Oriented Leadership: Leadership that is focused predominantly on procedures, activities and goal accomplishments. -Initiation structure: the leader organizes work, defines role responsabilities, and schedules work activities -Production orientation: the
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