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Chapter 7

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3585

Chapter 7 The Internet and the World Wide Web Chapter Outline Key Terms Study Questions The Internet A Global Internet service provider What is the most significant technical NetworkISP development of the twentieth century and why is it so important What five categories of activities can the Internet performCommunicationsWhat communications applications does the Internet offerElectronic Mail electronic mail email What is the procedure for sending an e zipped file mail download What types of electronic documents canbe sent as attachments What is the fastest way to send a large file attachment What are the advantages of using freeemail services over the mail service an ISP providesChat Rooms chat room What are the purposes of using a chat realtime dialogue room Instant Messaging instant messaging IM How does instant messaging differ from a telephone conversation between two people What is a handle What are three popular instant messaging services What is a potential danger of instant messaging Blogs blog What is the general purpose of a blog blogosphere What is the largest and best known of Web sites used by bloggersSocial Networking Services social networking servicesWhy are social networking services convenient for groups of usersMessage Boards message board forum Why do users usually prefer message boards to social networking servicesStreaming Video Sitesvideo streaming What do steaming video sites offer Telecommuting telecommuting What are the advantages of teleworking telecommuting What percentage of workers in the United States telecommute on a regular basisFile Transfer Protocol File Transfer Protocol What is currently the standard method FTP used for transferring files on the InternetEntertainmentWhat are the applications of entertainment software Online Gamesvirtual reality VR What are three free games that are avatar available online What is the most popular online game in the worldComputers Understanding Technology Fourth Edition Paradigm Publishing IncPage 1 of 5
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