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Chapter 7

ADMS 3660 Chapter 7: Ethics3rd ppt notes ch7

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3660
Avraham Kleiman

Chapter 7 ▪ Privacy and influence in the workplace ▪ Moral issues raised by employee screening & monitoring ▪ Working Conditions ▪ Job satisfaction Privacy ▪ Does an employer have the right to tell you what you can do outside of work? Obtaining Information ➢ Screening potential and new employees; o Age, gender, race, marital status, weight, hobbies etc. o Personality profiling o Medical tests o Polygraph ➢ Threats to employee privacy ▪ Web-browsing records, ▪ Email monitoring, ▪ Phone & voice mail monitoring, ▪ Video surveillance, ▪ Keystroke monitoring, ▪ Genetic & blood testing ▪ Justification? Privacy Conclusion ▪ Workers have a right to privacy ▪ Infringements must be justified ▪ Information gathering can be subject to abuse so, fully informed consent in required Health and safety ▪ Accidents do not just happen, they are caused by: Inadequate training Sloppy procedures Lack of understanding of the job Improper tools & equipment Poor equipment Maintenance Overly tight schedules Who is responsible for all of these ? Health & Safety (continued) ▪ Increased violence in the workplace ▪ 2004 - 356,000 workplace violent incidents ▪ Not counting verbal abuse or psychological harassment ▪ Example: 2005 - 73,000 nurses were assaulted =1 in 3 New Health Challenges ▪ Epidemics ▪ Occupational injury ▪ Shift work Sleep deprivation and fatigue = accidents ▪ Stress Annual cost = $16-$33 billion Leads to ill health Management Style Redesigning Work ▪ Changing attitudes toward work ▪ Dissatisfaction on the job ▪ Business seeking ways to motivate employees and increase productivity ▪ Hawthorn Effect (1920s) Productivity improved when people felt important and recognized Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Mental He
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