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What is meant by the concept of a continuum of radical and incremental innovations? - Degree of innovativeness, which falls on a continuum that extends from incremental to radical o Radical innovations:  Evoke major departures from existing practices; breakthrough innovations  Usually occur because of technological change  Highly disruptive; can transform company or revolutionize industry  Lead to products or services that can be patented—competitive advantage o Incremental innovations:  Enhance existing practices or make small improvements in products and processes  Sustain company - Sustaining versus disruptive innovations o Sustaining innovations: extend sales in an existing market, usually by enabling new products or services to be sold at higher margins  may include incremental or radical innovations o Disruptive innovations: overturn markets by providing an altogether new approach to meeting customer needs  Are technologically simpler and less sophisticated than currently available products or services  Appeal to less demanding customers who are seeking more convenient, less expensive solutions 
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