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What is the difference between focused and dispersed approaches to corporate entrepreneurship (CE)? - 2 distinct approach to corporate venturing: 1. Focused corporate venturing, in which CE activities are isolated from a firm’s existing operations and worked on by independent work units o Creation of autonomous work groups that pursue entrepreneurial aims independent of the rest of the firm o Advantage: frees entrepreneurial team member to think and act without constraints imposed by existing organizational norms and routines o Disadvantage: because of their isolation from the corporate mainstream, the work groups that concentrate on internal ventures may fail to obtain the resources or support needed to carry an entrepreneurial project through to completion 2. Dispersed corporate venturing, in which all parts of the organization and every organization member are engaged in intra-preneurial activities (entrepreneurship within a business) o Dedication to the principle and practices of entrepreneurship are spread throughout the organization o Advantages: organizational members do not have to be reminded to think entrepreneurially or be willing to change—ability to change considered core capability; because of the firm’s entrepreneurial reputation, stakeholders can bring new ideas or venture opportunities to anyone in the organization and expect them to be well received o Disadvantages: firms that are overzealous about CE sometimes feel they must change for the sake of change, causing them to lose vital competencies or spend heavily on R&D and innovation to the detriment of the bottom line Describe how the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) dimensions of innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk taking can be combined to create c
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