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Chapter 1-6

ADMS 2500 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Human Factors And Ergonomics, Environmental Factor

Administrative Studies
Course Code
ADMS 2500

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Human factor
1. What was the worker doing at the time of accident? Is he doing regular work
of dierent way or is he performing with following rules?
2. What is actually happened at the time of accident, can you explain the
3. What do you think as per accident scenario, is there his mistake for occurring
accident or it was done by mistake?
Situational factor
1. What is his position at the time of accident? Is he performing work on right
position or dierent way?
2. What are the tools, equipment or objective were involved in the accident as
well as what time of the accident happened?
Environmental factor
1. Is there any defective equipment, unsafe dress or improper equipment use by
candidate at the time of accident happened?
2. What environmental conditions contributed at the time of accident
3. Why did conditions come together at that moment?
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