ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Outsourcing, Academic Dishonesty, Times New Roman

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AP/ADMS 2511 Case Assignment #1, Lululemon.
Due Session 3, Winter 2017, January 25, 11:00 a.m.
Save your completed case assignment #1 file as: lastname_firstname_1.docx
Assignment Formatting for the Case Assignment:
Times New Roman font 12 point with minimum one inch margins both sides and
top and bottom. Double-spaced. Maximum three (3) pages total plus references.
Excess pages will not be graded. Single spaced assignments will be returned for
Academic honesty rules apply. It is best to use your own words in the assignment
however any quoted material should be placed in quotes and clearly referenced.
Ideas from others should be referenced.
Assignment parts must be clearly labeled or your assignment will not be graded.
Late penalties will apply for any resubmissions required.
Place the following heading into your document: 2511 Case Assignment #1,
Section S, FirstName LastName, Student Number, Page #, for example: 2511
Case Assignment #1, Section S Kathy Ng 123456 P. 1
Put your references on the fourth page, as well as a cut and paste of the results of
your academic honesty tutorial results (i.e. name and grade)
Submission of Case Assignment:
Submit the case assignment [with a cut and paste of your academic honesty
tutorial results] to the link on our course web site (Case Assignment #1
Submissions) listed under Session 3 by the due date and time (Wednesday
January 25 at 11:00 a.m.). This is a Turnitin link which will test the originality of
your assignment. All assignments with a non-originality that exceeds 20% will be
examined for potential academic honesty issues. Post a Word Document.
Academic Honesty Tutorial:
The academic honesty tutorial for York University can be found at:
Save your academic honesty tutorial certificate results and cut and paste into the
fourth page of your assignment.
Late penalty:
Late penalty: 20% per business day starting after due date and time.
Both the case assignment file and the academic honesty tutorial results need to be
posted online on time for your assignment to be considered complete.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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