ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes -Tellme Networks, Mobile Commerce, Qwerty

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Wireless: telecommunication in which electromagnetic waves in the form of wire or cable, carry signal between communicating devices. Wireless technologies- mobile computing, mobile commerce, and pervasive computing. Mobile computing: real time, wireless connection between a mobile device and other computing environments such as intranet/extranet. Mobile commerce/m-commerce: ec transactions conducted in a wireless environment, especially via internet. Pervasive computing/ubiquitous computing: means that virtually every object has processing power with wireless or wired connections to a global network. Wireless devices: advantages: saves time that can be used effectively for some useful purpose, mobile- makes it flexible for a person to go anywhere with the devices, allocate working time between personal and professional obligations. Wap: wireless application protocol (wap) is the standard that enables wireless devices to access web-based information and services. Micro browsers: internet browsers with a small file size that can work within the confines of small screen sizes on wireless devices and relatively low bandwidths of wireless networks.