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Chapter 8

ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Materials Management, Batch Processing, Business Process

Administrative Studies
Course Code
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

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Chapter 8
8.1 Transaction Processing Systems
TPS they monitor, collect, store and process data generated from all
business transactions
- Have to handle both high volume and large variations in volume
- Must be accurate
- Organizations try to automate TPS data entry as much as possible
because of the large volume, process is called “source data
- Methods of processing
oBatch processing
Collects data from transactions as they occur, placing them
into groups
oReal-time/On-line Transaction Processing
Transactions are processed as soon as they occur
8.2 Functional Area Information Systems
- provide info to mainly lower and middle-level managers in the various
functional areas
- Info System for Departments
oAccounting and Finance
Financial Planning and Budgeting
Managing Financial Transactions
Global Stock Exchange
Multiple currencies
Investment Management
Control and Auditing
Keeping track of customers’ needs and wants
Developing marketing strategy
oProduction/Operations Management (POM)
Materials management
Planning production and operation
Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)
Product life cycle management (PLM)
oHuman Resource Management
HR Maintenance and Development
HR Planning and Management
Employee Records
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