ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Sales Force Management System, Cics, Sales Operations

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Organizations are emphasizing a customer-centric approach to their business practices because they know that sustainable value is found in long-term customer relationships that extend beyond today"s business transactions. This customer-centric approach is known in businesses as customer relationship management (crm) Internet and www makes suppliers easily accessible to customers. Lack of opportunity to make a first good impression on customers due to lack to personal contact. Crm refers to personal marketing that utilizes information about customers to create offers that customers are more likely to accept. Main objective: maximize the number of high-value repeat customers while minimizing customer churn by treating customers differently, as they have different needs and different values. Identify many types of customer touch points. Organizations must recognize the numerous and diverse interactions that they have with their customers. These various types of interactions are referred to as customer touch points. Telephone contact, direct mailings, and actual physical interactions with customer in-store.