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Chapter 10

ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Business Performance Management, Geographic Information System, Data Warehouse

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2511

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ADMS 2511 Session 10, Case 10.2 Norfolk Southern (page. 302) Answer Sheet.
Read Closing Case 10.2 Norfolk Southern (page. 302)
A) Provide an example of a DSS what if analysis applied to Norfolk Southern
For the DSS what-if analysis, Norfolk Southern can make use of its data warehouse which allows data to
be accessed and used without disrupting company operations. Moreover, the warehouse data can be
manipulated for decision support analysis. Input data in the form of numerical data can be altered to see
and understand the potential impact of the change. For example, Norfolk Southern may be interested in
seeing if increasing the number of railcars that service the most used routes results in increased
efficiency and improved on-time delivery, and how this would affect revenue. Alternatively, what-if
analysis could be performed to see whether or not reducing the number of railcars on certain routes
would result in a loss of income or if the costs of operating the railcars outweigh the revenue they bring in.
DSS what-if analysis is therefore useful in developing models that can help predict how performance and
revenue are affected by changing the input data.
B) Provide a detailed example of a GIS that Norfolk Southern could benefit from. (2 marks)
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology from software vendors such as ESRI can be utilized to
collect and store data and provide a visual layout to aid decision-making and strategic planning. For
example, GIS software could be used to determine the best locations for the company’s offices to better
service the needs of employees. Employee data such as zip codes can be used to map out the areas
where employee density is the greatest. This identifies the geographic locations where the offices should
be located to be close to as many employees as possible.
C) Provide one example of how corporate performance management could be used at Norfolk Southern. (2
It is essential to Norfolk Southern to ensure that its information systems are running smoothly and
efficiently, hence there is a need to identify any potential performance issues before they negatively
impact operations. Corporate performance management software allows the company to monitor the
performance of the IT platform. When performance falls below a certain level, or if an error or malfunction
of the systems is causing problems such as messed up train schedules, wrong reporting of train GPS
information etc. which affect the performance of the systems then staff will be alerted to the issues.
Moreover, the inclusion of Dashboards and real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) provide a detailed
report on how the systems are performing and help to identify performance issues.
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