ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Podcast, Crowdsourcing

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Chapter 7: Web 2.0 and Social Networks
7.1 – Web 2.0 underlying techniques
- Web 2.0 is a loose collection of information technologies and applications, plus
websites that use them
- Web development technique that enables portions of web pages to reload with fresh data
instead of requiring the entire web page to reload.
- Allows users to place information in multiple, overlapping associations rather in rigid
- Geotagging involves tagging information on maps
Really simply syndication (RSS):
- Allows users to receive information they want, when they want, without having to surf
thousands of websites
- Allows anyone to publish his or her blog to anyone who has interest in subscribing
7.2 – Web 2.0 applications
Blogs and blogging:
- A blog is a personal website open to the website in which the creator expresses his or
her feelings or opinions via a series of entries
- Several companies analyze the blogosphere to provide info for their clients
- There are shortcomings as blogs can be inaccurate
- A website on which anyone can post material and make changes to already posted
- The distribution of digital media, primarily audio files (podcasting) and video files
(video casting), via syndication feeds for playback on media players and PC’s
Web 2.0 media:
- 2.0 media sites provide user generated media content, and promote tagging, rating,
commenting etc. (video, music, photographs)
Printing on demand:
- Customized printing done in small batches (increasingly popular)
- Involves taking a job traditionally performed by an employee or a consultant and
outsourcing it to an undefined group of people in the form of an open call
- Benefits for companies include finding a large number of workers to complete projects
quickly, attracting niche expertise, saving money etc. For workers, flexibility
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