ADMS 2600 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Change Management, Strategic Management, Six Sigma

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Chatper 1
The World of Human Resources Management
Objective 1 Why study human resources management
- To deal with HR issues that include: staffing the organization, designing jobs,
developing skillful employees, improving performance, and rewarding employee
- Employee skills, knowledge and abilities are among the most distinctive and
renewable resources on which a company can draw their strategic management
- Framework of human resource management broken down into three headings
o Competitive challenges
Managing change
Human capitol
o Human Resources
Job design
Labour relations
o Employee concerns
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Background diversity
Age distribution
Gender issues
Job security
Educational levels
Employee rights
Privacy issues
Work attitudes
- Above framework have been the issue for the past decade
Objective 2 Challenge 1: Competing, Recruiting, and Staffing Globally
- Competition and cooperation with foreign companies has become an important
focal point for business
- Globalization
o The trend toward opening up foreign markets to international trade and
o “Manufacturing of cars in Vanada provides a good example of the impact
of globalization”
- By partnering with firms in other regions of the world and using information
technologies to coordinate distant parts of their businesses, companies have
shown that they can offer customers „anything, anytime, anywhere” around the
world. (Impact of globalization)
- Corporate social responsibility
o The responsibility of the firm to act in the best interests of the people and
communities affected by its activities
o People worry that free trade is creating a “have/have not” world economy,
in which the people in developing economies and the world‟s environment
are being exploited by companies in richer, more developed countries
- How globalization affects Human Resource Management
o Globalization affects HRM because companies have to be aware of issues
such as cultures, employment laws, languages, relocating current
employees, training programs, enhancing managers, pay differential and
business practices
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