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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

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ADMS 2600 March-12-14 UNIT 15 – INTERNATIONAL HRM  Unified Economies: closely partnered nations such as the European Union (EU) have developed into strong competitors.  Cultural environment: the communication patterns, religion, values and ideologies, education, and social structure of a host country influence how HR is conducted in that country  International corporation: domestic firm that uses existing capabilities to move into overseas markets o Efficiency = Low, Local Responsiveness = Low  Multinational corporation (MNC): independent, fully-autonomous business units operating multiple countries o Efficiency = Low, Local Responsiveness = High  Global corporation: integrated worldwide operations through a centralized home office o Efficiency = High, Local Responsiveness = Low  Transnational corporation: attempts to balance local responsiveness and global scale via network of specialized operating units o Efficiency = High, Local Responsiveness = High  Expatriates or home-country: employees from the home country on international assignments o Talent from within, greater control  Host country nationals: natives of the host country o Cheaper, governments usually want companies to hire local  Third-country nationals: natives of a country other than the home country o Multilingual, broad experience  Guest workers: foreign workers invited to perform needed la
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