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Ethnographic Methods - Interpreting and Analysing Difference

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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

Sept 19 Ethnographic Methods Interpreting and Analyzing DifferenceCA pp 1428NotesQuestion 13 Is it possible to see the world through the eyes of othersanthropologist must not only be able to look beyond everyday appearances to decipher the often hidden meanings of beliefs objects and behaviours while at the same time setting aside her or his preconceptions of what is normal or properanthropologists must learn one culture and relate what shehe learns to meanings of another culture to translate the meanings of one world onto meanings of anotheruse surveys documentsquestionnaire as their toolboxethnoraphic method the immersion of the investigator in the lives of the people she or he is trying to understand and through that experience the attainment of some level of understanding if the meaning those people ascribe to their existence anthropologists seek to explain why people view the world they way they do and to contribute to the understanding of human behaviour in general fieldwork involves two cultures that of the researcher and that of the culture and people the researcher is trying to understand anthropologists must put aside what they know and prepare to learn from new experiences in the culture 15by participating in the lives of others and in their cultural practices the anthropologist can take himself or herself as a subject of investigation 19Claudelevistrauss states that anthropologists can never fully understand and be apart of the culture they are immersing themselves in but they will never be native to their own culture again as the new culture will change them 19Question 14 How can the meanings that others find in experience be interpreted and described anthropologists infer through detailsproducts of culture can be viewed as cultural text and provide explanations of the way people work and why they act the way they do in societyWatsons watchdrunk bc key hole was all scratched from drunken turning 20culture is a text of significant symbols words gestures drawings naturalobjectsanything that carries meaning
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