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The Cultural Construction of Identity II: Collective Identities and Social Movements

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

10 October The Cultural Construction of Identity II Collective Identities and Social MovementsReadings1CA pp 221232Notes221Question 65 How do people form identities through collective strugglesFormation of identity is a cultural process that involves the lived experiences and everyday practices of people The cultural construction of identity creates both the individual and the collectivity which we think of as societyThe Meaning of Indigenous All live in a clearly identifiable way that maintains their own distinct cultureBeen living the same way since they were encountered by the colonizers Indigenous are distinctself identification and recognition of distinction by others 222 Defined by their relationship to the state in which they are recognized as having different rights than other citizensSocial Movements Early 1900s aim of state elite class was to turn the indian population into proper civilized consumers the indigoes ppl took advantage of this undertaking to promote their own goals Grassroot indigenous organizations formed Debt crisis of 1980 resulted in indigenous identity growing rapidly in the countryside 223 Palestinian Refugees Collective memory is reinforced in the way refugees invoke the memory of the land of original villages and of shared experiences of exile Palestine refugees also express their collective identity by reproducing symbols of home while theyre away from homeElders share stories of original village Palestinian culture is displayed through embroidered peasant dresses childrens diplomas maps of Palestine flags etcLand and return are at the centre of Palestinian identity and keeping the memory alive is a form of resistance If accept that theyre never returningthen must accept stateless refugee without a past or future and without an identity Conflict within collective identity telefolmin and land in papua new guinea 224Rights to land characteristically overlap Telefolmin is aboriginals of papua new guinea Copper min produced and telefolmin had no control over the land and the resources that were given to themTelefolmin were only hired during the initial construction phased and as wage labourers once once the actual mining beganTelefolmin purposed idea to create a new province for indigenous telefolmin giving geographical expression to the collective identity and a legal tool with which to assert more control over what is takenTelefolmin principles that determine who had rights to which landWhoever clears a plot of land has rights to the land aslong as in usethrough inheritance land can be passed by maternal and paternal connectionsBeing granted permission to use some part of the land of another When companies purchase landwho truly is the real owner 225 The min conflict over rights to land not only highlights the connection between place and identity of telefolmin it also shows how a self conscious min identity has multiple roots
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