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Feb 13:15- How does the Western science model of health and illness differ from medical models found in other cultures? (Pt. II- biomedicine and the biotechnical) .pdf

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

13 February19 February Feb 1315 How does the Western science model of health and illness differ from medical models found in other cultures Pt II biomedicine and the biotechnical ASSIGNMENT 3 DUE ON MOODLE TODAY See General Assignment Information for more information Readings 1Rapp Rayna 1998 Refusing Prenatal Diagnosis The Meanings of Bioscience in a Multicultural World Science TechnologyHuman Values 23 1 4570 P45 Explores the reasons women of diverse class racial ethnic national and religious backgrounds give for their decisions not to accept an amniocentesis or having accepted one not to pursue an abortion after diagnosis of a serious fetal disability Conflicts and tensions between universalizing rationality of biomedical interventions into pregnancy and the wider heterogenous social framework to which women respond in their decision making process P46 Fieldworking ethnographer Finding multiple ways to query how women of diverse racialethnic national class and religious backgrounds experience the offer of genetic testing in their pregnancies what they do and do not want from technology how they understand childhood disabilities what a fetus is and what might be worth an abortion The new biomedical technology provides a context in which eery pregnant women is interpolated into the role of moral philosopher one cannot confront the issue of the quality control of fetuses without wondering whose standards for entry into the human community will prevail and what the limits of voluntary parenthood might be Experts are white male high professionals P47 Difficulties women fave in working in a communicative system whose vocabulary was almost exclusively medical whose grammar was technological and whose syntax was as yet unnegotiatied Genetics 0 field that provides powerful and proliferating discourses on the state of being human Pregnancy and the modern technologies that intervene to regulate it are not vested simply within the world of biomedicine and reproductive technology Pregnancy and its technologies both occupy multiple and convergent spaces in the social fie of individual women and their supporters in the lives of divers medical educational religion and activists constituencies in modern globally proliferating media technologies and of course in the politics of representation P48 Consumers ofbiomedical technology can be seen as experts capable of analyzing its burdens and benefits and casting a rather different light on contests for meaning and rationality The complex terrain of technological refusal Decision to not use amniocentesis was made in the context of opposition from her close kin P49 Black communities have historically served as guinea pigs the infamous tuskegee syphilis experiment and the chaotic conditions attending early sicklecell anemia carrier traits screening both been widely reported in blackfocused media African american consciousness of biomedical experimentation may thus be filter through realistic if incompletely remembered and sometimes media orchestrated views of prior medical interventions P50 Black communities have historically occupied visavis medical experimentation in the US Both the product of individual choice contextualized by kin and community pressure and a response to racially differentiated histories and sentiments concerning medical intervention and experimentation Refuse to do amniocentesis because fear of miscarriage disbelief in accuracy discomfort religious beliefs male opposition personal intention and social forces P51 The influence of class background and ethnicity on refusal Middle class patients usually white usually accept the test whereas poorer women ethnic racial minorities are more likely to refuse it Middle class are usually well informed 25 diagnosed children with down syndrome who dont have it so inaccurateSome middle class women and their partners also reject the test on the basis of philosophical ethical or religious reasoningP52 53 Ethnic diversities are at stake
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