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Oct 3- The Cultural Construction of Identity I- Self, Gender and Sexuality .pdf

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

Oct 3 The Cultural Construction of Identity I Self Gender and Sexuality Readings 1CA pp201213 201202 The Cultural Construction of Identity Problem 6 How do people determine who they are and how do they communicate who they think they are to others IntroductionThe Importance of Self Society is a collection of social identities distributed over a landscape People strive to arrive at some identitydestination from which they can relate to other social identities You must judge your relationship with a person based off of their identityWe group people into categories based on criteria like gender ethnicity person characteristics etc 203Nobody is anybody accept in relation to somebody Question 61 How Does the Concept of Personhood Vary from Society to SocietyPersonal names distinguish one individual from another What names people share first name full name job position status position etc 204 Umbundu names are tools with which people reward the life that have received from their relatives ant the worldidentity kinship geography folktales stories and proverbs 205The differences in naming practices among different societies reveal the different ways societies conceptualize what a person is and how that person relates to the group NA north america belie Esc that initials are stable autonomous entities who exit more or less independently of whatever situations or statuses they occupyindividualisticOther cultures are holistic as the individual cannot exist apart from its group or position The Egocentric and Sociocentric SelfTwo ways in which people are conceived in different societies Egocentric each person is defined as a replica of all humanity he locus of motivations and drives capable of acting independently from other High values is placed on individualism and self reliance 206 Sociocentric view of the self is context dependent exist as an entity No characteristics just statementsone is not generousone just gives money to his friends 207Question 62 How do societies distinguish individuals from one another Differences and similarities among persons are the materials from which we construct our social landscapes that allow us to distinguish individuals from one another or assign them to one group or anotherwe then proceed to construct social identities from this 208Identity toolbox help differentiate and group people family membership gender age ethnic group skin colour wealth language etc Many societies kinship is central and a main part of ones identityTo have no kin is to have no meaningful place on the social landscape209 Constructing male and female
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