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Chapter 3

Made in Madagascar - Chapter 3.doc

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

Chapter 3 Made in Madagascarduring initial times rarely ran into foreigners they had to be either very adventurous or very rich to even attempt a visit to what was then called the Ankarana Special Reserveopermits hard to obtain guides in short supply no tourist comforts nearbyforeign interest came from two foreign led research projectsosignalled the rediscovery of Ankaranas distincitvie biodiversity and ecosystemsolocally these foreigners who spent months camped out in the forest as the campsite of the Americans locals thought this must have been worth a great deal to them why else would they put up with the hardships of the life in the forest for months at a timerumour they were after mercury a natural resource that the Malagasy people thought was both plentiful inside the reserve and a great value to foreignersothis foreign led project raised international concern over the future of the biodiversity and more importantly the threat posed to it by the Malagasy peopleled to the creation of NEAP National Environmental Action Planpurpose reconcile Madagascars population with its environment in order to achieve sustainable developmentthe islands ongoing development would not come at the cost of losing its distinctive biodiversityecotourism seen as a magic bulletooffering a means for solving the dilemma of conserving nature while achieving short term economic gains for people whom the long term economic costs of conservation were bound to be the greatest people would lose access to land building material fuel and other important resources located inside the protected areasoif all went to plan outcome of ecotourism would be winwinecotourists get to experience natural areaspeople living alongside such areas ought to win through opportunities for work enabled by wealthy outsiders in the midst those interested in the protection of those areas ought to win aseveryone becomes invested in the mission of conservationoeven the ruler promoted this idea
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