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ANTH 2100
Rebecca Jubis

Melissa Naidoo 211577806 Tutorial-5 (Jovan M) Reflections on Restorative Alternatives and Abolitionism I agree with dismantling the prison punishment nexus because of the following reasons made by authors Zehr and Davis, firstly, other alternatives such as restorative justice may be more beneficial for the offender, victim, and community, secondly, the aim to punish is more than just to punish but rather to benefit the economy and those with vested interest and thirdly, prisons are inhumane making it ineffective for proper punishment to offender who might be reintegrated into the community one day. Other alternatives such as restorative justice can pose more benefits than simply just sending a person to prison. Davis states that there has been a creation of a vast amount of "super-maximum” security prisons. These prisons were designed for high risk offenders; it confines them to a cell for 23 hours in a day. In my opinion this is not effective because it is just a place to punish rather than to rehabilitate the person. Restorative justice has benefits which is more appealing to everyone in the situation. For example, in the documentary around “Not Criminally Responsible” the victim showed much appreciation for the letter she received from the of
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