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ANTH 2100
Rebecca Jubis

AP HUMA 1825Lecture 14Monday January 14 2013CLASS WRITING ASSIGNEMNT NEXT WEEKMinow and Lavalle and your opinion on this caseQUESTION ON ASSIGNMENT Whether you think this case which is known only by initials R vs NS engenders justice and whether it serves the cause of gender equityIn your answer first consider the three different opinions in the case and explain which opinion if any you prefero The word engender has several meaningsoPut your mind to the issue and think about what you think is the correct way to proceed in this caseoSimply asks you for the substance of your thoughtsoMaybe yes maybe no and depends on the different factors MajorityHow are we going to administer these factorsNewly added case on Moodlefound online on the supreme court of Canada websiteConcerns many issues that are pressing for all of usConcerns a woman who wears habitually a face veil called a niqab oA covering of the face that allows a person to see only her eyes and nothing elseShe accused 2 men of sexually assaulting heroThese men are her uncle and cousinoShe alleges that they sexually assaulted her repeatedly when she was a young womanoThe men were charged with sexual assault aka rapeWhen it came to trial she insisted on wearing her face veil in courtoShe apparently was willing to take it off when she had a photo taken for her drivers licenseoShe was also willing to remove it when she travelled and had to go through securitycustomsoShe was not willing to take it off in courtShe alleges under section 2A of the CAF she has freedom of conscience and religionoSection 2A of the CAF guarantees each and everyone of us freedom of conscience and religionThe men accused argued that they have to be able to make full answer and defense Stock and phrase oThey have to have the ability to make full answer and defense to the charges against them very serious chargesoIn order to make full answer and defense they have to be able to assess her credibility when she testifiesoIf you can convince a judge and jury that you are credible and what you are saying is credible you winIf you cant convince a judge and jury that
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