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ANTH 2120
Eytan Lasry

Class 2 Law and moralityArgosarmy polinesis made in attempts to overthrow his brother in warOedipus curse comes into vision in brother kills brotherSympathizers those who oppose this law and attempt to berry the body will also be punished with death Antigones name translates into anti birth this will come into play at the end The first conflict is between the two sisters The question isfrom our perspective what have we learned from the tragedies that have fallen upon our family what lessons can we take from that tradgedy The irony of the puzzle solver is that he has failed to solve the puzzle of his own fateThe next tradgedy is the death of the two brothers For ismaine she has to act reasonably and defends her position by ridiuicling her sisters nobility and accuses of Antigone wanting the impossible She attacks Antigone as a way as justifying Creon first attempts to condense himself that somebody whos either a rebel or a mercenary has broken the law for financial gain Money for creon mst be the motive so why has he ran to this problem Why would money be such a motivation Fromcreons persepvitve whoever roke this law has been driven to insanity has become corrupt for them Money has made them make been the motivation for criminal wrong doings Theres something deeper here though ta thinks creon resorts to money being motibation that he cant picture the motive behind the unlawful act may be being nobleIn the end it was his neice Antigone who did not deny the act She appeal to an egalitarian insense of justice The customs of the city are determinly directed by the will of the gods First argument she makesshe appeals to a higher law that determines the content of a human law Theyl leave hher in a cave to dieHaymen introduces two arguments for why this is a unjust law Number one political he tries to argue a purpose to a well ordered a society He pleaded to his ather you cant rule a city with your decisions you have to rule by whats best for others Creons perspective the city should be ruled by one By telling his dad this youll ruin the chances of having a family with Antigone King says there are other fields to plow Creon is prty much sayins women are disposable and interchangeable
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