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Anthropology 2710 Terms Arm-chair Anthropology- a person who has book knowledge but has never had practical experience. He/She might know the theory but has never tried it out by him/herself. cultural construct - the idea that the characteristics people attribute to such social categories as gender, illness, death, status of women, and status of men is culturally defined. cultural relativism - understanding the ways of other cultures and not judging these practices according to one's own cultural ways. fieldwork - living among a group of people for the purpose of learning about their culture. participant observation - living in a culture that is not your own while also keeping a detailed record of your observations and interviews. sociobiology - study of human behavior based on the assumption that human behavior is biologically based. gender - the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a culture considers appropriated for men and women. Gender relations pretty much means what are the male and female roles, attitudes, etc, and how do the different genders interact with each other gender identity- A person's sense of being male or female, resulting from a combination of genetic and environmental influences. gender variati
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