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1) “Hawthorne first denied that he had done any writing...as en explanation...Hawthorne
said that he was “the most unpopular writer” in America” (32). When explaining this to
his future editor, why might Hawthorne not have wanted to show Fields his
manuscript for what would turn out to be the full novel of The Scarlet Letter?
2) Hawthorne’s experience of ambiguity pertaining to the knowledge of his mother’s
death in comparison to his daughter’s [Una] innocent naivety to her grandmother’s
condition, is relative to his writing long fiction. Is this type of ambiguity experience
easily seen throughout The Scarlet Letter?
3) Hawthorne, mentioned by Martin, used much narrative irony within his tales and
sketches, in which the narrators “try but fail to understand their compulsions,
obsessions, and nightmare remembrances” (32). Can this be said for the narrator of
The Scarlet Letter?