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thReading Chapters 14 for September 18 2012 Chapter 1 Cultural Psychiatry in Historical PerspectiveIntroCultural psychiatry focuses on the impact of culture on behaviourexperienceThrough culture we can identify differences in the ways of life of social knowledge institutionspractices of health illnesshealingCultural psychiatry is based on clinical imperatives therapeutic efficacy not theories 3 sets of concerns questions about the universality or relativity of psychopathologyhealing practices the dilemmas of providing services to ethnically diverse populationsthe analysis of psychiatric theorypractice as products of a certain cultural history A Colonialistcomparative psychiatry b Mental health of ethnocultural communitiesindigenous peoplesc Postcolonial anthro of psychiatryMid 1700s colonialist expansion of European powers ththMigrations of Europeans to NAAustralia in 1920 centuries gave attention to ethnicity on mental healthillness Great depressionemergence of welfare state highlighted social classespovertyAfter WW2 more focus ontraumarelated disordersadaptation of migrants Anticolonialist struggles in 1948 lead to the world challenging the western versions of historyMigration from east to westsouth to north have challenged cultureethnicity More attention on indigenous peoplesthe damaging force of assimilation their identity communityhealing practices More ethnic people in health professions nowThe uses of culture1 Originally culture meant cultivation the civilizing process which had to do first with the move from migratory groups to agrarian societiesthen to citystateslarger political entities nations Knowledgepower was available to people of a specific social class but gradually accessible to others through educationCulture meant refinementsophisticationthe achievement of those with higher education of artsletters2 Culture has to do with collective identity the setting apart of one group of people from another based on historical lineage language religion gender or ethnicity which can include membership in a community regional group nation or other historical peopleAnyone can become civilized but culture is also part of a historical descent kinship citizenship etcEthnicity can be positive or negative ie discrimination3 Culture now is a way of life the values customs beliefspractices that form as a systemCulture is constructed through the materialsocial world has many levels of social organizations in institutions knowledgelocal practices Cultural formations can have local communities or subcultures Comparative psychiatrythe legacy of colonialismCultural psychiatry goes back to the beginning of modern psychiatryThere were many philosophical interpretations of abnormal behaviourthere was a civilizing process on human natureTravellers made observations of distant peoples who were culturally different fascination with strangeness both morallyerotically European explorers viewed their way of life as more forwardcivilized than others Europeans wanted civilizations in institutions of colonies ie colonial asylums Colonizers werent exposed to many of the mentally ill so they thought it was rare
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