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rdReadings Chapters 810 for Oct 23 2012 Chapter 8 Culturepsychopathology general view Pioneer explorationthMid 18 centurypossible impact of ethnicity on psychopathology immigration of British to new worldNoticed ethnic or racial differences in mental illness IrishGerman more susceptible to mental disordersmore resistant to treatment th19 centurylunatic asylums attitudes toward natives Ie arctic hysteria for polar Eskimo peopleConsidered culturebound syndromes 1890s Kraepelins classification system of mental disorderstravelled to southeast Asia his system could be used across cultures but theres different clinical symptoms of mental disorders ie depressed patients in Indonesia dont present delusions of guilt while Germans do comparative psychiatryVarious attempts at studies in the early stagesOpler crossethnic comparison of symptoms of schizophrenia in ItalianAmericanIrishAmerican patients Italians had more homosexual tendencies during psychotic conditions behaviour problemsattitudes if rejecting authority Irish were more preoccupied with singuilt ideation chronic alcoholismfixed delusional thoughts criticism basic ethnic personality differences not in schizophrenic disorders Murphy questionnaire of 16 symptomssigns of schizophrenia in different culturesregions for psychiatrists to take of their patients varies according to socialcultural factors limitations of surveys highof simple catatonic symptomslowof paranoid subtypes Systematic explorations at later stagesMany centres around the world had a comparative study using standard methods to compare clinical picture of schizophrenia from different societies of backgroundsscores of symptoms were similar across all centres high scores on lack of insight predelusional signs flatness of affect auditory hallucinationsexperiences of control same symptoms Differences in subtypes of schizophrenia most have paranoid schizophrenia except in India ColombiaMoscow uneven distribution of catatonic subtypes more in developing societiesPsychotic patients mainly schizophrenia were found among lower social class Social theory of psychopathologyFarisDunham psychiatric patients live in innercity areas ie Chicago extreme social disorganization poverty communication breakdown high mobility racial conflict social isolation etc criticism not the actual undesirable social conditions but the peoples inability to survive in these communities lead to a more poordisorganized community Hare certain kind of patients are attracted to the undesirable social environments Correlation between social cohesiondepression feelings of worthlessnessguilt tend to occur among members of highly cohesive groups Social conditions can contribute to higher prevalence of mental disorders but they dont fully cause themDifferent ways culture contributes to psychopathologyPathogenic effectsSituations in which culture is a direct cause in forming or generating psychopathologycultural ideas beliefs leading to stress restricted roles duties etc leading to pathology Pathoselective effects
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