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ANTH 4220 Chapter Notes -Thalestris, Cuckold, Open Relationship

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Alexander’s sexuality
- strongly influenced by his mother, 4th wife of philip II
- influenced by the notion that he might be the son of a god
- Plutarch- notion that mother-son relationship with allegation of being lovers
- Olympius concerned about Alexander’s lack of interest in the opposite sex
- no children means end of line
- lack of interest in women a political threat to the line
- provided him w a series of lovers designed to entice him (campaspe/pancaste)
- he was tepid towards her/ showed no interest
- appelles’ and pancaste fell in love’ Alexander becomes a cuckold
- alexander blesses the union b/w the two; no complimentary feeling that evokes
- when alexander began his military career, source of agitation to his mother, she
wanted him to have an heir; hesitant to do so
- first went across to Asia, he engages in his first independent heterosexual male/female
sexual relationship of his own choosing (ada of caria)
- never married her
- she was significantly his elder (by ancient standards); was 30 years older than
alexander; was shocking
- ada was politically significant of the period; acting as the satrap of caria; motivation
was political advantage of their relationship
- later adopts him as her son
- Battle of Issus- darius brings his family with him to the battle; he leaves his family at
the battle when they lose; they fall into the hands of alexander (stateira- darius’ wife)
- alexander does not treat darius’ wife and other women of his family as sexual objects
- later takes a lover: Barsine
- she was strategically important
- robust sexual interest in Thalestris, amazon queen
- interest in her could be because he wanted to emulate Achilles
- was married twice: rhoxana and stateira
- wanted his entire army to take persian wives
- alexander’’s portrayal of Dionesus
- infamous for not growing a beard
- alexander and hephaestion meet in the center of persia; queen prostrates herself
- mirroring achilles and patroclus to some degree
- hephaestion known as philalexandros, an important part of the court; means lover of
the man himself
- when hephaestion died, alexander had his doctor crucified
- bagoas- was a unic; pursued an open relationship with him
- alexander’s death was punctuated by a moment with his friends; took his ring and
threw it amongst his generals “to the strongest”
- knew the inside and out
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