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Chapter 10

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BIOL 1000
Angelo Belcastro

CHAPTER 10 Beginning of Genetics  Prior to Mendel, believed in blending theory of Genetics Hereditary traits blend evenly in offspring through mixing of parents blood Doesn’t explain why extremes are not present (really short, really tall)  Mendel observed many parental traits appear unchanged in offsprings  Choose pea plants that were able to true breed Able to self fertilize, without any changes in traits in the next generation  Mendel studied 7 characteristics Seed shape Seed colour Pod shape Pod colour Flower colour Stem length Mendel’s Hypotheses  First Hypothesis: plants carry a pair of factors that governs inheritance of each o Genes for genetic characters occur in pairs o Each character of an organism inherits 1 chromosome with genes from each parent  Second Hypothesis: if two alleles of a gene are different, one will be more dominant than the other, and the other recessive o Explained by the disappearance of white coloured flowers o Dominant alleles do not directly inhibit recessive alleles, both are expressed, but the poor functioning one (recessive) will still be present and since it isn’t a functional enzyme, the functional enzyme will be seen in the phentotype  Third Hypothesis: Two alleles (chromosome) of a gene separate and enter gametes as single alleles o Fusion of haploid maternal and paternal cell create d
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