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Chapter 15

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York University
BIOL 1000
Angelo Belcastro

Biology Chapter 15.1 : DNA Technology DNA Cloning  Recombinant DNA: DNA from two or more different sources that are joined together Bacterial Enzymes Called Restriction Endonucleases Form the Basis of DNA Cloning  Joining of DNA facilitated by bacterial enzymes called restriction endonucleases  Restriction enzymes recognize short, specific DNA sequences called restriction sites  Is a defence mechanism used by cells, in which they defend against viral attacks by breaking down DNA of infecting cells  The restriction sites that are present in the cells own DNA, are hidden due to methylation  Sticky ends: single stranded regions form hydrogen bonds with complementary on other DNA molecules cut with the same enzyme  DNA ligase seals nicks between inserted gene and old DNA strand Bacterial Plasmids Illustrate the Use of Restriction Enzymes in Cloning Cloning a Gene of Interest  Gene is isolated in DNA and cut with restriction enzymes  Plasmid is cut using the same enzyme  If colony turns blue, means the lacz gene hasn’t been int
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