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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – cellular respiration - Collection of metabolic reactions within cells that break down food molecules to produce ATP (photosynthesis) - Glucose and gasoline = good food molecules cuzz abundance of easily accessible electron from C—H bonds (equally distant from atomic nuclei = easily removable = do work) - Oxidation – LEO o Oxygen is the atom that accepts the electrons usually - Reduction –GER - Cellular respiration is like controlled combustion – the energy of the C—H bonds is not liberated suddenly, producing heat rather slowly released with energy being transferred to other molecules - Dehydrogenase – enzyme that facilitate the transfer of electrons from food to a molecule that acts as energy carrier (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – NAD – NADH) - Three phases o Glycolysis – enzymes breakdown glucose into 2 pyruvate molecules  Occur in cytosol  2 ATP (Substrate level phosphorylation)  2 NADH  Most fundamental: Glycolysis is universal (bacteria, archaea, eukaryotic), doesn’t depend on O2, glycolysis occurs in all cells in cytosol using soluble enzymes. o Pyruvate oxidation and the citric acid cycle  Pyruvate oxidation occurs in mitochondria – oxidized I acetyl-group and 1 CO 2 produces one NADH. Acetyl group transfers to Coenzyme A • 2 NADH . 2 CO 2  Citric cycle occurs in matrix – acetyl groups oxidized to CO 2 Electrons removed through oxidati
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