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Chapter 15.1

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York University
BIOL 1000
Jennifer Steeves

• Producing multiple copies of genes by cloning is very useful for:  Determine the DNA sequence of the gene  Manipulate the gene in basic research experiments  Understand its function  Produce the protein encoded by the gene Cloning Process 1. Cutting genomic DNA and a cloning vector with the same Restriction Enzyme/Endonuclease  Restriction Endonuclease – An enzyme that cuts DNA at a specific sequence  A) Isolate genomic DNA containing gene of interest from cells and cut the DNA into fragments  B) Cut a circular bacterial plasmid to make it linear 2. Insert the genomic DNA fragments into plasmids to make Recombinant Plasmids  Recombinant DNA – DNA from two or more different sources that are joined together 3. Introduce Recombinant DNA into living cells such as bacterial cells  Each bacterium receives a different plasmid  As the bacteria grow and divide, the recombinant plasmids replicate, amplifying the piece of DNA inserted into the plasmid 4. Identify the bacterium containing the plasmid with the gene of interest inserted into it  Can be done through the use of DNA Hybridization with a labelled nucleic acid probe  DNA Hybridization – Technique in which a gene or sequence of interest is identified in a set of clones when it base-pairs with a single-stranded DNA or RNA molecule called a nucleic acid probe 5. Grow that bacterium in culture to produce large amounts of the plasmid for experiments with the gene of interest Example 1. EcoRI restriction enzyme cleaves-phosphate sugar backbones between Guanine and Adenine at its restriction site (i.e. GAATTC) 2. DNA Fragment with the same sticky ends can pair (i.e. produced by EcoRI digestion)  Sticky Ends – End of a DNA fragment, with a single-stranded structu
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