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Chapter 1

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BIOL 1000
Nicole Nivillac

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Chapter 1: Light and Life What is light? - The visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, the only part we can see (380- 750 nm). - Is decribed according to wavelength, but behave as massless particles called photons (energy packet). - Light interacts with matter by: reflection, transmission, or absorbtion (with respect to an object). - Pigments are molecules which mediate the amount of light energy absorbed by an object (varies). -> Have a molecular structure that allows them to absorb light. -> Assorted by different wavelengths. -> Pigments are made up of a series of covalently bonded (single and double) carbon atoms (conjugated system). Light & Life - Photosynthesis: Sun -> Cellular Respiration -> Energy - Photoreceptor (light sensor): a light sensitive protein involved in sensing and responding to light (ex; rhodopsin, bacteria rhodopsin, phytochrome). -> mediate light responses, and responses to light and dark. - Retinals is a pigment molecule which change shape when exposed to light yeilding a reaction. - Chlamydomonas eyespot (contains rhodpsin). Senses light, and moves to it to maximize E uptake. - Phototaxis : the direction of movement toward or away from a light stimulus. -> Positive : mo
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