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Chapter 9

Chap 9 notes

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BIOL 1000
Julie Clark

Biol 1000 Chapter 9 y Cell cyclecycle of cell growth and division for the purpose of duplication y Dividing of one cell into two Parent cell divides into two daughter cells y parent cell no longer exists after division y Reproduction creation of new individuals y Growth and Development increasing the number of cells y Tissue Renewal and Repair y replacing dead andor damaged cell y MITOSIS cell division of somatic body cells y MEIOSIS cell division of germ cells sperm egg y In both cases DNA replication MUST occur before cell division y Before dividing most cells enter a period of growth in which they synthesize proteinslipids and carbohydrates and replicate their DNA y After growth nuclei divide and cytokinesis occurs division of cytoplasm y Nuclei to each daughter cell 2 each daughter cells contain copy of the original DNAParental Cellphenotypes identical to original parentMitosis serves to divide replicated DNA equally Chromosomes nuclear unit of genetic information consisting of a DNA molecule and associated proteins are divided and distributed by mitotic cell divisio
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